My Goal For Year Two

I should have a goal in this second year. I shall have a goal. How about I plan, plot, and pen a short story for submission somewhere appropriate? For grins let’s say the story needs to be generated from something written here.

As an added twist to this goal I’ll also work on a comic book script.

“What the hell?” you ask. Well, the hell, having a secondary project to parallel the first will give me a fallback when I’m stuck rolling forward on the primary story. A technique for keeping me focused on something I’ve decided to be focused on rather than formlessness.

I need to give thought to when this focused writing will occur. Part of me would like to slot it in here in the morning where I’ve been doing the 1kd thing, but that conflicts with my unwritten guidelines regarding 1kd content. An update on my decision tomorrow.

I should find out what the typical short story length and outlets are. To the Internets!

Day 369