Comic Book Practice Dialogue

“They knock you out?

“Feels like azaperone again.”


“Are you here to help or not?”

“In a sec.”  Tap, tap, tap.

“Tell me you’re not texting Kitty.”

“Dude you got owned.  This is going up on Facebook.”

“Is it safe to get down?  I don’t wanna get electrocuted.”

“Those are the emergency lights on backup batteries.  The circuit breakers kicked in after the place flooded.  You’re fine.”

“Ooo!  Bolt cutters.”

“Big surprise.  They’re clearly working with wires.”

“Wouldn’t they just have wire cutters then?”

“Do you think we’d be having this conversation if these were regular wires.”


“Nope.  Grade 5 titanium alloy.  It’s cheaper and commercially available.”


Day 382