From Chaotic Incense

In the early days of 1000 Days I created images.  I constructed these two-word phrases from random pages on the Internet—mostly wikipedia which has a function for that.  Today I’m culling one from the aging herd as a writing anchor.

Anna lit the incense wand with a wooden match.  She slowly twirled the stick between her thumb and index finger to distribute the heat of the flame and even the coal.  After a suitable portion warmed to a glowing core she gently puffed the flame dead and placed the stick in its simpled curved teak burner.  Anna wafted the smoke to her face with both hands then scooped it like water and rinsed it over her twisted black hair.

The smoke rose strongly from the end of the stick like water from a faucet, but quickly attenuated into a ribbon, then curls, then a cloud, and finally haze.  Anna watched the ribbon waver in the air like a woman at prayer.  Its…

Day 399

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