Eighty-Four Weeks to Go

This weekend we painted the familyroom.  Thus no writing.

As I said recently and as I drug out over several thin weeks of real writing I enjoyed writing toward a deadline.  Naturally I realized and then immediately began to sublimate that realization: I must learn to write toward my own internal deadlines if I wish to become any sort of useful writer.

Despite my poor adherence to the daily aspect of this blog over the past two years the time has come.  I need to push to the next level.  From now on 1000 Days will have a weekly cycle.  Beginning today I will devise and plot a new 1000 word minimum story each week.  I will release them Sunday nights.

Here are some guidelines:

  • 1000 word minimum
  • First five weeks will capitalize on existing characters or threads from the first 400 days
  • Five different characters or threads
  • After that who knows
  • Releases will be stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.
  • Monday: Brainstorming and loose plotting; Tuesday: plot outline and writing; Wednesday and Thursday: more writing; Friday|Saturday: draft release; Sunday: final edit.

Now to find the five.

Day 410