The Classic Tête-à-tête

I bought another structure book. I have enough for now.

This latest book takes the Syd Field screenplay 3 act structure and wraps more words around it. Many more than I recall from Syd, too many words ultimately. I needed that. Reading those too many words was like sailing away from the safety of the coast and finding there was nothing more out there to discover. This march defines the limit of what you need to know. Come back. Know it. Exhaust the resources of this land before setting out again to find new things.

All this had the exact same effect as the last book on structure I read: toolbox full of new tools; nothing built.

My head feels full of ideas and yet it’s not. Also, I struggle over taking my current bits and pouring their cement slurry into the rebar framework of my new found structure and just starting afresh with new bits and virgin iron. The classic tête-à-tête between the inertia of the past and the lethargy of the future.