Brief and Disjointed Thoughts on Fantasy

Day 447

I fear this thing I’m doing in the last couple posts is both effected by and most likely generated from my recent playing of an RPG called Dragon Age: Origins. This fear makes me want to either stop writing in this vein or take my head-lamp, pick, and shovel off to a new claim somewhere else on the mountain. I’ve rarely read the fantasy genre outside the sword and dragon core so I’m quite anchored to that standard.

I wonder what it is that makes that core so compelling? It must be the just enough to be civilized but not so much as to discount magic flavor to the era. If you added guns and gunpowder you’d have stepped too far into modern and if you took away steel swords and armor you’d have fallen too far back into something Hellenic. Or maybe swords and dragons are the comfort food of fantasy.

On occasion I’ve imagined how the troupe of adventurers trope would play out in modern America. Which is only related to what I’ve been doing here in the sense that I’ve got a troupe and I’m trying to trope it off in a different direction—I’m not planning to bring this bunch into the Modern World. With these I’m attempting just the opposite. Sorta.