Day 463

Maybe someday I’ll feel more shame that I never write on weekends anymore. I’m certain were I to go back and check I’d find that those days’ contributions to 1000 Days to be below the average quality I maintain here. I cling to the absurd notion that Saturday and Sunday mornings allow for sleeping in. They don’t.

Place absurd clinging here.

As for the current weather, I’m not buying it. Gray, raining, and warm? I don’t think so. This ain’t Seattle.

I’d like to thank Kathryn Bigelow for fucking it up for all of my daughters. Yet another woman based hurdle they won’t break. Cheers Kat! What was up with Sandra Bullock? She appeared embarrassed to win—genuinely upset. I thought it was nice Jeff Bridges calmed his nerves with some pharmaceutical or another. Jim undoubtly curled up in his $100 bill quilt crying himself to sleep.

This was not my plan.