Escape From Napthalene

Day 468

I had a nice visitor yesterday. Of the many of you who arrive here trying to uncover the mystery of how many years or months 1000 days happens to be none of you so far has bothered to click the link in that post where I recommend some interesting reading of my work here on 1000 Days. A birthday gift to me from Anon.

My thanks. Because of your reminder I read many of the posts you read and am reminded that I used to do more creative and more coherent work.

I like the four characters of the Shanty (ah’Taconschientee) posts. The deserve better care and feeding. A better world. And a better life to live. I’m not sure I’m prepared to give them those amenities however. I’m not sure I’m ready to write a three-plot interwoven as these need. I need a solid single thru-line executed start to finish. I think I should let Tritti, Johnka, Brother Gane, and You cool their heels a bit longer.

What will I write this week? Who comes out of the mothballs?

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