Six Word Suck

Day 476

I’m not even going to bother writing up a plot-ish thing today. This is week two of the new era of the morning. I’m still working out the kinks for writing time and non-writing things. When a non-writing thing clings to your leg begging for cereal abandoning the morning’s writing happens with ease.

At a recent writers’ group meeting I’d not been able to attend Hemingway’s six word story inspired our April prompt: write a six word story. Prompts that restrict my writing in some way—word count, can’t use certain letters, can’t use certain words—rarely draw my interest. Right now I find value in encouragement to do more of what I want to do; less value in doing what others want me to do. I should probably get over that, but for now I haven’t.

So far all I’ve got is this character driven piece that doesn’t have a real ending:

John, Catherine, Larry; surgeon, blonde, geek.

151 words