Monday Night on the Back Porch

A color unreproduceable on film marks late evening. You want to call it grey or describe it as dim but you can still see reds and greens and blues. It’s certain your eyes have checked out for the day because nothing in front of you is distinct. Only the periphery is in focus but you can’t look at that. You just know.

Cicadas bunch in groups around the backyard with a loner nearby and a squak of crickets around the corner. Out front some jackass on a motorcycle revs by the house. Doesn’t she know kids are in bed?

Fucking mosquitos have found veins close to the surface near my ankles and face. A good scrape with my overgrown finger nails does the trick till it doesn’t and a second one does. Some how that scratching wells up a sneeze.

Fireflies rise up like sparks over the neighbor’s fence with the campfire smell of a recently cooked grill. A pair of inexplicable summer cousins commingling for effect.

hand held; thumb written