Repeating the Punchline

I’ve chosen to spend my free Sunday morning reformatting an old laptop hard drive. I’m thus constrained to writing on the phone unless I’m planning on writing later tonight. Ha ha.

Rod Taylor’s Here, There, or Anywhere is my theme music for the moment.

Read a blog yesterday with several college writing prompts for real life. It wasn’t funny after the first couple. Essentially everything after the first was repeating the punchline. The post got me to thinking about a whole host of writing I don’t do here on 1000 Days. I’m not sure how to define it except to say the results show a clear attention to purpose and a thoughtful effort.

Instructive writing. A conveyance.

I’m about inventive writing here. My writing presumes that I’ve digested much of the world around me and that I’ve developed the skills to concoct from that meal a new thing for you to enjoy.

I wonder if I’d have more success writing more towards a purpose than creatively?

165 words on day 513