Forgotten Follow Friday #fff

Forgotten Follow Friday turns the more familiar Follow Friday on a side we can all appreciate. It exposes the follows we no longer know why we added.

In the whole six degrees of seperation meme Forgotten Follow Friday celebrates the broken link between step five and step six. #FFF admits that you no longer have any clue why you began following the people you list. It is not a listing of people you don’t want to follow anymore or a listing of people you think others should follow. #FFF simply acknowledges people you followed for one reason or another and you no longer know that reason.

Maybe you were foolish early on and followed back anyone who followed you.

Maybe you followed someone because they talked about comic books at the time but they haven’t in so long you wouldn’t realize that now. Maybe it was a shared interest in politics, ice-cream, football, or knitting. Maybe you followed them because you mixed up which account you were logged into at the time.

Who knows. Doesn’t matter. You don’t know why now.

By listing them you call them to mind and let them know their link to you is basically pure social network. They are friends you conjured out of nothingness. Not from school. Not from work. Not from locale.

Enjoy Forgotten Follow Friday!