I wish there were some way to write and listen to music that wasn’t always Enya. A glowing key keyboard might be nice too. I could really write the hell out of something if my keys glowed and I could listen to Old Crow Medicine Show. Alas, I cannot.

This green font in my Write Monkey application pleases me. I’m sorry you can’t enjoy the fresher-than-that-old-blue color with me.

My Kindle 3 case arrived today. The kindle will arrive at some future—as yet unspecified—date. Hopefully the pair will travel with me to Denver and Cimarron. My new Kindle would alert stewardesses to my hip self; my old iPhone would say, “But he’s not out of control.”

This green font awesomates.

Awesomates actively replaces the passive voice phrase ‘is awesome’.

As lame—or drunken—as this all may sound, writing this way serves a purpose. A purpose hard to define, but a pupose nonetheless.

160 words on day 524