Looking for Stakes

I’m missing some stakes.

Short of avoiding personal harm I’ve not given Charming anything to overcome. The faceless evil trope tempts me. I like reading it when done well, but I prefer not to write it. I like my villains to have reasons—good reasons.

Brain back from unrecorded flights.

Finding her parents pops its head up as a thing, but never gains much traction in my thoughts. I’m not keen on making the dermatographia the crux either. Or I’ve not figured out how to make it the crux. Hard to tell which.

Back from a minor break.

I found a twist that might work to make Charming’s dermatographia much more interesting: time travel. If dermatographia could be used to communicate with people in the past that might be a fun way to raise the stakes. Charming now has a power worth controlling or guarding or developing.

Some of my immediate thoughts—Charming’s desire to reform Roundmartin—might lead to a raft of paradox challenges. Challenges that don’t seem fun to manage. But that’s what spreadsheets are for I suppose.

Need to think this new thought over some.

195 words on day 530