Coordinating Conjunctions

I did not work the comma thing to exhaustion yesterday, so I’ll try a few more today.

I said yesterday I needed to find out some of the other conjunctions, and I still do.

I’d look now, but I fear I’d leave for the Internet and never return.

The eight coordinating conjunctions: and, but, for, nor, plus, or, so, and yet.

I think I’ve done the first two plenty already, yet I may do more to be sure.
I’m having trouble creating a situation to use nor, or I’m not giving it enough consideration.
Margy yells when she talks making working with her frustrating, plus she’s a bitch.
The glass of milk spilled, so I cleaned it up.
The tractor ran out of gas, so I left it in the field.
“We definitely need some more cups, plus we need ice.”
We could clean up the kitchen, or we could vacuum the livingroom.
Ron held a degree in Astronomy, yet he rarely stayed up late at night.
I don’t think I’ve been doing these anywhere near correct in the past, plus I’m certain I’ve actively tried to do it the opposite way in most cases.
This exercise makes me worry my reading skills need work, for clearly my attention to punctuation while reading is low.
I still haven’t come up with a suitable sentence for nor, nor am I likely to find one.

242 words on day 538