A Small Circle Poorly Realized

“Technically it’s a Small Circle, not circum…”

She stood again. “Spare me the Geometry lesson, huh? V-CIM’s making no money off this and the goodwill accounting just isn’t there anymore. You’ve got your money for the three mechanicals. Spend it on the fourth if you like. You’re not getting more than you’ve got.”

Xander wanted to argue more, but he said thank-you and left Johanna’s office. In the hallway her secretary, Ron I think his name is, gave him a weak smile.

The truth was that it was his little adventure mission. In a hundred years of these mechanical soldiers standing guard over a jungle village, a swath of desert sand, a snowy mountain ridge, and now a Cypress swamp nothing had really been learned. He had less information that you’d get from a centerfold. He had height and mass. He had no idea what there turn-ons or worse turn-offs might be.

Gonna drop this here. Imagination is getting ahead of m writing. Right now.

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