Not Enough Brass

I groused to a friend the other day that all the steampunk I’d read lately—not very much I suppose—hasn’t steamed or punked very much. Steam powered machines and vehicles were present but didn’t own the stage. In one case, a drill served as little more than MacGuffin; in another, automatons lurched around in the classless role of henchman. Dirigibles and goggles featured highly in the first and Victorian culture infused each story well enough. For me though, steampunk is about the brass and wood and the do-it-yourself adventuring. And the steam. And the robots.

My recent shallowed dive into creating a 1000 Days index unearthed some bits of my Bringer of Mist story. I may do an interview with Mr. Jonathan Goffe the way I did Ailchas. Maybe I ought to exercise my nacent plotting skills with that thread.

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