From Roundmartin’s Point of View

I’m forcing something on the Benhá story. Unfortunately I can’t place exactly what. So right now, I’m waiting around for it to ease into place.

Allow me to don the villain’s POV for a moment here. Since the villain or the actions of the villain are what I’d expect Charming to overcome, maybe it makes sense to find out what the villain would do to achieve his goal.

Roundmartin is Charming’s uncle. He’s performed some heinous act|crime around|slightly prior to|because of her birth. I’ve presumed killed a lot of people. He’s punished for the crime and done his time, but is still labeled by it. He can’t get work; can’t get respect; can’t catch a break. This pisses him off because he feels not only contrite but also mother-fucking paid up. Why can’t shit be back the way it used to be before I massacred all those people? No, really?

To some degree he’s looking for acceptance. He’s got it in his head that Charming will understand because they share the same affliction: dermatographia. Or maybe just because she’s family.

Released from prison—or maybe escaped—he seeks her out. For some reason the mechanism he uses to find her produces more victims than a simple phone call might.

Just when he locates her that bastard monk Gane, who had some involvement with his original imprisonment or crime, locates her and whisks her away to a secure site.

Now, Roundmartin has to hack away at that security. He does so via dermatographic entreaties to Charming as well as outright attacks on the monastery which together cast suspicion on Gane or other monks. When this finally drives Charming out into the open he’s got to figure out where she’ll go. It’s not hard to guess she’d go back to Benhá. But that’s pretty fuckin’ easy for anyone to figure out.

Eek! Brainstorming something else must get pen and paper. Bye!

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