Chasing Jace

Gravel trickled away from Jace’s lone toe-hold in the crumbling rock where he clung. Again and again he brought his soul to the the cusp between anchored and free. So far, Jace had won each contest, and there were more to come if he could just win this one struggle. Not waiting for a more secure platform, he pulled with his arms and threw his free leg up to the edge. His heel caught, and that was enough. He pulled himself to the safety of the center of the floating rock.

At first, Jace kept count of his leaps from rock to rock, from step to step. But, before he had gotten to ten, the effort to focus on anything but the leaping and the grasping and the climbing drove that count from his thoughts. He had come a short way up [cool name] and yet had a long way to go before reaching [cool name at the end]. Jace lay on the rock shoveling air into his lungs like a tomb robber refilling a grave. Behind and below him, his persuer—that girl from Jarmony House—made another good leap. Behind and below her the sun raced them both to the horizon.

Jace did not know her name. He only knew she had redhair, and, while she was common to look at, she was beautiful to consider…and she wet-cat furious.

He stood up to evaluate his next jump. That higher rock was half the size of his current rock and not a good one to stop on for the night. From what he could see, the second one looked large enough for overnighting. A good combination for keeping him seperate from her.

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