Not Nano

I was wondering if this [] would work on my iPhone. I guess so.

750 Words turns out to be handier than I’d expected. Though on the phone I don’t appear to have picked up the settings changes I made which turned the background black and the foreground amber. Plus tipping to landscape to widen the view has had the opposite effect and now I get a bit of a typewriter line feed effect at the end of each line. Tap tap tap ziiiiiiiii- ing!

Maybe the color settings are cookie-based. Or maybe the phone sees this as a huge text box?

Scrolling upbto the top doesn’t reveal a menu to make changes so I’m going to guess: giant text box.

My plan such that it is for November remains unmade. I’m definitely not doing Nano. That much is certain. I like the idea of a challenge but I’m not up for one that stresses such a wordcount goal over a craft goal. And I just don’t have the time or style if writing speed or habit to compete. I will be writing each day. I haven’t decided if I will begin posting only weekly though.

My reluctance to posting weekly is that doing so will be harder than what I’m doing now. That it will necessarily require quality output come posting day. Perhaps it is long past time I blended quality with output? Another lighter concern blocking the weekly plan is the high chance of me cycling and recycling through a post all week and blessing it as ‘the good one’ come Sunday. You would never know!

267 words on day 575