Scrivener And Commas

When I first installed Scrivener for Windows I’d expected to do more writing in it than I have. I’ve got a smooth system with WriteMonkey to WordPress, so I guess I’ve not seen much reason to defect even for a month during the trial.
I here now giving it a shot again. I’ll play here all this upcoming week to expand my initial experience. I’m not convinced I need this much tool at this point in my writing.

I recall having already written this, but I pulled out my grammar textbook to see what the “most introductory phrases” set off by a comma are in English. I got hung up on participial phrases. A participle being a verb used as an adverb (running water, fallen log, etc). A phrase being more words than just the participle. Tonight’s exercise then…

Running through the desert, Bob wondered where his pants might be located.
Fallen, the trees no longer made sounds.
Jumping for joy, Karen ran to her husband.
Not seeing the tree root, Bob fell.
Realizing this were like shooting fish in a barrel, the writer considered halting his exercise.
Finding his calisthenic muse, the writer continued.
Wondering if Texas had scored a touchdown yet, he typed on.
Chuckling, he wondered if he should just go to bed instead.

Now, I think I set these off as ‘interrupters’ when I place them in the middle of a sentence.

Bob, running through the desert, wondered where his pants might be located.
The trees, fallen, no longer made sounds.
Karen, jumping for joy, ran to her husband.

Finding that rhythm displeasing, the writer stopped doing that.

Also, I’m supposed to set off appositives, definitive words which equate with the word they follow, with commas.
That seems, appears, to be obvious, clear, to most people.

Yawning, he placed the laptop on the coffee table and reached for the remote.