100 Plots in 100 Days?

Over the weekend—or Friday—I came up with a new exercise. An exercise intended to work writing muscles I hope I have but haven’t explored deeply. So far, these exercises have been sentence level. This is a good level for me to be sure, but I think I need to consider broader skills. Obviously I don’t have the time to write tens of novels to finally arrive at a publishable one. I don’t even seem to have the time to write short stories. What if I condensed the effort to just writing plot outlines? I could use the standard screenplay three (or four) act structure to hit plot points then be done with the day.

Frighteningly this exercise lit upon me in the form of an indelible phrase: 100 plots in 100 days. Also, I thought, that might be a great way to kick off the new year. The third phrase that came to mind,”What the fuck?”, dogged the first two across the daisy-covered hills of my brain. Possibly I could amend this to 100 plot points in 100 days?

188 words on day 590