More on 1000 Days in 2011

I have got to find a better time of the day to write. Probably—shudder—earlier that 8 to 9.

Yesterday I mentioned my hopes for the coming year: that I’d submit three pieces of work and that I’d do so every four months…or so. This echos a sentiment from a few weeks back in which I note that I’d like to start posting weekly even if I continue to write daily. I’m seeking continuity; I’m seeking cohesiveness.

I’m tired of putting my ass in this chair with not a single notion of what I’m about to write. It’s been fun, but it’s getting old and it isn’t productive for me any longer. I need to develop my length and continuation skills. I need to work on research. I need to form an arguement; then argue it. I cannot do that without changing my current 1000 Days approach.

195 words on day 612