Partly Plotted

OK. Just gonna lock my shit down and write something about Terminus regarding the Partly plot.

Plot – Escape.

Hook – Initally chased up a fire escape in Chicago, Partly finds herself climbing a rope ladder and boarding the Maker’s Marcail instead. And into an attack by raiders.

Plot Point 1 – Partly discovers the fact that she’s not as unfamiliar with Terminus as she’d originally thought when a tattoo/marking/memory matches with something she finds in Terminus.

Pinch 1 – The guilders, looking to maintain their grip on flight-rod commerce, find out Partly is probably the Harbinger and try to kidnap her but end up harming or taking Capt Munro instead.

Mid-point Twist – Mr. Cameron is revealed to have outted Partly and inadvertantly harmed his beloved captain.

Pinch 2 – The guilders find where Partly and the Maker’s crew are holed up in Terminus and burn the place down. Partly either escapes or finds herself away from the hideout at the time, returning too late.

Lull – Holed up with newly met Bogdan and Cyril feeling rather ‘woe is me’.

Plot Point 2 – Via Bogdan, Partly learns of the [priests] who also need the information Partly has in order to help return the Settlers to Earth. But she has to get to them before the Guilders get her.

Conclusion – Partly is able to narrowly escape the Guilder’s grasp and make it to the safety of the [priest]. We learn that her ‘knowledge’ is that of a timestamp. WHich now all parties know the deadline they are working to.

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