This Bold Cusp

Here are the plots I like and may do something with:

A Weird Semblance Thereof (
I’ll probably ransack this for the tidbits of new characterization I provided for Connor’s mother and some of the mystery there. The plot itself is trash.

The Fairy Plot
This one puts some of the plot pieces together better than the others but still needs work. I aimed low for the Faerie cliché rather than tried to uncover something new.

Grumphook and Gertrude
This one I love for how well the pieces fell into place as I conjured it. I also love it for the title and the sense that Cathy Bates would be great as Gertrude.

Tempting Henry
This turned out to have more twists than any other plot I came up with. The trouble was that I didn’t do a good job of getting the proper actions to match with the right events.

I can probably keep everything I wrote, but I need to add more and stir better.

Ten Beads for Iffan
I’m glad I revived this one. Now I have a piece I can shred and recreate.

The Transformation of a Honga Rider
I think this plot is workable enough, but I think I was too timid with the conflict. Set it on fire for better results.

Red Roy
Wow. This is NOT what Red Roy originally was to be. It’s better and more managable with just one main character. Clean it up and rearrange the scenes I said I had in my head.

Tritti’s Ascension
The big pieces of this work well enough as captured. The juice is in the interpolating scenes.

Your Descent
Close, but no cigar. This isn’t too bad in it’s own right, but it needs to jive with the Tritti thread if it’s going to be it’s own true story (not that it has to be, but it could).

The three from round one split two against one for rehashes and a brand new. Gertrude and Grumphook is the only one of nine that is blue sky new. Hmmm.

Interestingly, February coughed up twice as many plots I’d like to return to than January did despite my condemnation of my efforts in the second round. My best reason for that is that five of the six tackle plots I’ve long wanted to come back to plotting. At least now I have a sketch to fix up. The one other deals with material I’ve had stowed away in my brain for some time. Those six make good on several implicit promises.

I easily have enough here to work with the rest of this year—and more. I should promise a strategy. I should commit right here and right now. I should tell you that I’ll focus on these to the exclusion of all else. I should say 1000 Days is locked down and is no longer taking submissions. Instead I’ll leave you hanging and go sleep on this bold cusp.

500 words on day 681