The Dragon’s Egg

I have been writing daily. I’ve been working on my handwritten notes as well as my plotting of Gertrude and Grumphook. I want to do somethine different fro this evening, but I’m having a little trouble deciding what that should be. Some of my plotting, though required, feels too much like cheating.

“It doesn’t look like it could feed a village for month,” said Geir. “Even ours.”

“Are you sure that’s even an egg? It looks like all the other stones to me. That’s not a nest. Is that a nest?” asked Svein.

“It’s a nest,” said Geir.

“Are you sure?” Geir slapped Svein in the forehead.


Per shushed them both, and Karoline glared at all three. Quitely she said, “Those are river stones. From near the end of the Glaumr [] where it runs flat.”

“I’ve never seen stones round and smooth like that,” said Svein.

“Have you been to the end of the Glaumr, Svein?” Before the younger boy could answer she added, “Something.”

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