Mundane Magic

I’m trying to think of a way not to do this two nights in a row, but I’m exhausted from mowing, and rock picking upping, and sun.

One thing I thought about while rock picking upping was that you hardly ever seem to see magic used in everyday life in fantasy novels. No one applies it like we do electricity. It’s imbued with substance and myth and religion. There never seems to be any mundane magic. And there are always consequences.

Can anyone tell me what the consequences of electricity are?

The reason I got to thinking about this was that I wondered what it might be like to use magic to pick up rocks as I was doing; sorting small stones from dirt and twigs. It occurred to me that such a task might be mentally quite challenging and could serve as a sort of wax-onwaxoff style training for a young mage. But magic is never mundane. It never picks out rocks, it never sews on buttons (Disney excepted), it never cleans a toilet, it never gets sold by the gram or ounce, it never goes stale.

I wonder if it did.

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