Ginna’s Eve

“Do you know which day it is, dear Tritti?”

Tritti thought back to when she’d left her village and how many days across the desert she’d journeyed before meeting with Johnka. Time on Johnka’s sledge progressed strangely, but she could count at least four awakening’s plus this one. She wasn’t sure what day of the week it was, but at this time of year the only day worth noting was

“Is it Ginna?”

Johnka smiled and corrrected her, “Djinna. We called it Djinna. No, it’s not Djinna. That’s tomorrow.”

“So, the morning of Ginna’s Eve then? Maybe even still the eve of that.” Tritti shivered.

Johnka smiled again. Tritti was finally reminded of her Uncle Sudge. Four or five days on this sledge and Johnka finally seemed avuncular.

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