Tension at the Surface

I’m afraid if I don’t get some stream of conciousness junk out on this page I’ll not get anything at all. THough I’d rather impress you with the creative stuff I can feel just below the surface of my psyche the tense film holding that stuff down is difficult to pierce today.

Today? Hah! It’s hard to pierce each day. Every day.

I’ve been feeling like jumping off Song on the Benhá in favor of Partly Cloudy Sky. Or maybe going back to my first quarter promise to focus on that subset of plots I’d cobbled early in the year. I don’t even recall what those plots are at this point. I’m nearly certain neither Partly nor Charming were a part of the block.

Speaking of plots: I’m reading a book now where I’ve paid closer attention to the structure than I usually do. So far the author has hit both Plot Point 1 and Pinch 1 according to the Storyfixer’s definition. More interesting to me than those however is the bulk of story which cam before and between and after those events. I think those plots I did earlier might not have enough room to fit that much story in between as this one has done.

In the story I’m reading, I don’t know that I could have guessed the first plot point after having only read the first chapter. I would guessed an entirely different timeline.

Related only to the book and not what has proceded here, I’m finding the protagonist to be a bit of a reluctant anti-hero at this point in the story. I don’t understand how or why an author does that nor how they pull it off well enough to keep me reading. When you set up your character as a loner seeking a home and companionship then give it to him, I would expect him to be a bit more grateful and enthusiastic.

320 words on day 746