The Holy Writing Hour

750 posts since I started. That’s 250 days of writing in a row since I renewed my pledge. Which means I’m simultaneously 75% and 50% of the way to 1000 days of writing. At an anecdotal average of 200 words per post I’ve written as many words as a bloated fantasy epic—too bad I can’t string those posts together to make some sort of sense.

I’ve been thinking about how I write here lately. I’ve concluded that I’ve gone a long way to training myself not to string work together coherently. I used to think coming up with a fresh new scene each morning was the challenge, but now I’m quite certain sustaining a single topic through multiple scenes is the better challenge. I think this should be my new goal.

Along with that non-revelation comes another realization: I’ve generally focused on writing in the 8-9 o’clock hour, but I’ve not ever maintained that I must write for the entire hour. Without fail I’m content to write till I’m done writing. More often than not that’s twenty minutes or less. I think it’s fair to say that some my short writing attention owes to my less than secure writing space. This one morning hour finds me shuttling dogs and cats both ways across my office threshold; feeding, watering, and weeing the dog; and lightly monitoring children on occasion or even outright supervision.

I think I need to re-up at this 750 post mark and make the 6-7 hour the holy writing whole hour.

252 words on day 750

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  1. I am still looking forward to the day when I can read a long(er) piece of fiction from you my friend!

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