Begging the Leaves

I’ve just finished watching every episode of Firefly and then the movie Serenity. I should write better now.

Each time I sit down I struggle to start with an image that isn’t Charming sitting on her roof drinking tea and watching the sun set. I don’t write it because…

OMG! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Miriam gathered the brittle maple leaves around her and begged each to arrange itself with the others into a niche at the back of her tent. Many of the leaves were too far gone or too curious to join the others, so once that half dome resolved itself to her liking she brushed a clear space on the decking and produced a beeswax candle from her possibles. She did not want them burnt by the flame or caught up in the melt.

Reaching into her possibles again, Miriam withdrew two pine dowels that might have made good knitting needles were they a gauge narrower. She crossed them directly above the wick then zipped them apart. The friction sparked the candle to life. She paired the dowels and tucked them away again. The warm honied wax smell mingled with the musk of the fallen leaves.

That’s all I could get for now.

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