Egg in a Hammock

Karoline vaulted the rim of their overlook and landed in the dirt near the bottom sunk nearly to her knees. Geir and Per skipped down the slope scattering rocks and dirt in front. Svein hesitated then stumbled down without falling.

“Put it on top. No, put the shawl on top and we’ll roll it over into the shawl,” Karoline ordered. Per did what she said and was helping her tug the egg out of it’s place in the smooth river stones while Geir squeezed between the two and kept the shawl tucked around the it. Per cursed again.

“See. It’s too heavy. Let’s just leave it. Geir? Let’s just leave it,” Svein pleaded.

“Svein, it’s just wedged in. It’s not heavy. Go find the trail,” his brother said. Geir apologized to Per and Karoline under his breath. The egg tumbled over into the hammock of Karoline’s green shawl.

Per grabbed the knotted ends and lifted it to his knees. He set it back down. “I can probably carry that for a while, but I think we need two people.”

Karoline snatched up the end of the shawl nearest her and said, “Let’s go.” Per picked up his end and the two navigated their way through the rocky nest to the opening in the trees Karoline had picked out. Geir scanned the area and the sky.

“Still clear. I don’t understand where they all went,” Geir said.

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