Looking for a New Exercise

I’m looking for a new lesson. Not that I’ve exhausted the Comma Fanboys one but I’d like to incroporate others for variety and growth. There are likely a few more comma related ones I ought to codify. Appositives and introductory phrases come to mind. I could probably find meat outside the comma hard-on I seem to have as well. I’ve noticed I’m using more hyphens lately and think I may be using them incorrectly.

However, I’d like to find some structural elements to make in to exercises. Bickham’s book suggests a few I could easily enough run with. Action-reaction couplets. Five-sentence scenes: goal, conflict-conflict-conflict, disaster. Or Four-sentence sequels: emotion, thought, decision, action.

I found a dialogue related bit of craft tonight while skimming Evernote for help. It contends dialogue fits into ten active categories and their ten reactive reverses. The ten pairs cling tremulously to that blog, and I’m sure I’d have to prop them up with some brain lifting before I had an exercise worth doing. As far as I know though, that’s the best I’ve got for dialogue craft.

181 words on day 827<£>