Yesterday and Way Before That

I should do some planning.

Or maybe some transcribing…

20101121 – I’ve been thinking more about plotting lately. How many times have I written that bullshit?

Maybe if I appended “…Bringer of Mist.” at the end of that sentence it would help some. Fortunately it happens to be true. I have been thinking of it. I haven’t been doing it, but have been thinking of doing it. I had a lot of stuff there. Some good intra-family conflict that could scale well I think.

Mr. Johnathan Goffe fails to save his brother-in-law from the Bringer of Mist and because of this his sister hates him, Or something like that at least. When he decides to go find the Bringer of Mist (don’t recall why) he discovers that the Bringer of Mist is his brother-in-law. The previous Bringer of Mist and the brother-in-law switched or the brother-in-law inherited the role for some reason. There are plenty of permutations available here. I should consider that most aren’t storiable.

Ah, yes, he went looking for the Bringer of Mist because no one was dying. He discovered not only that his brother-in-law had taken over but that he had refused to perform his duty for some reason.


I’ve come down a different permutation since a year ago. I think I ended up with something I like better. The Bringer of Mist is Johnathan’s older brother, and he has inherited the mantle of Bringer of Mist from his father. His first act of bringing, a ceremony with aged volunteers and their sponsors, he selects a number of tinkers and unexpectedly brings Jennetta’s husband, Warren Harrfield, who was there in the capacity of a sponsor.

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