The Strategy of the Final Days

I’ve found myself relying on the artwork of others to catalyze my morning writing over the past years. In recent weeks it seems the only way I’ve written anything compelling. I thought there was going to be a conclusion to that, but I guess not. Smile.

A fortnight ago I’d talked about making the final one hundred days special in some way. I think I only mentioned writing the same plot for that hundred, but at the time I was mulling other possibilities too: write for an actual full hour, set a page/word count threshhold, learn to touch type. Those sorts of things.

Well I missed being able to do the full hundred by a few days, and I don’t know for sure when I’ll be able to start—probably Monday. I am going to combine two of the above. I am going to pick a single plot and I’m going to set a word count threshhold. I haven’t locked in either one of those specifically, but it has crossed my mind to crescendo my word count each month or so during the remaining time.

Some of the most likely threads are: Partly, Charming, Shanty, Bringer, Hartwhile, and Crainestock. I’m not opposed to others, but these came quickly to mind. If you’d like to plead you case for one of these or another one not mentioned above then leave me a comment below.

234 words on day 902