Four Times the Amount

Some how Tuesday got skipped. It wasn’t all that misterious, but it was much less intentional than usual.

She set down a linen napkin triangle with the point shortly draped over the edge of the metal patio table. Next, she placed a white saucer on top of that napkin. And finally, Madrigar’s tea on top of that. The base of the glass was larger than the recess in the saucer which forced the glass to tilt. The awkwardness bothered here, but she had known it was coming.[initially that didnt seem pointless to me]

“Did you know when I applied for a stall here in Rundark I barely had enough money to buy one of the smallest licenses? I was going to use my mother’s tea service until I could afford better.”

Madrigar smoothed his napkin—one of her mother’s. “I like your mother’s settings.”

“Thank you.” She smiled. “When they told me I won the SA gate—the gate—I cried. It was four times the amount

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