Day 6

It was bound to happen and it didn’t.  Excellent.

Now if I can avoid the same hump tomorrow and the next weekend I should be good.

Tessa and I attended a zoo class this morning: “F is for Ferret”  It turns out that due to the lack of a stuffed toy ferret and an actual zoo population of ferrets F is also for Otter and Merecat.  I am guessing that the just didn’t have a stuffed toy ferret and that maybe it’s verboten to keep pet store style animals in the zoo.  Law?  Bad taste?

Afterward we swung around to the Best Buy where I best bought a UPS and didn’t buy a set of wireless headphones.  We did stop off at the Barnes and Noble for a trip through the kids book store–two prisoners were released into our custody.

I could use a little book light for this comp.  Something mounted to the LCD screen to shine onto the keys?

Got PSA work to do.

Day 5

Of necessity this will be short.  Yes, shorter than the previous days.  But I haven’t yet set a word count goal per entry.

Dyanna was on fire today.  So much so that I almost forgot to swap over to this comp and write up my daily dose.  The conversation allowed me to exercise my acceptance of female power.  I am sure I am not saying that well at all, but it better than it sounds.  Basically I tried to recognize my own instincts to back the male side of things.  Sure, that’s mysterious.

Day 4

Todd continues to call me on the content of these day writings.  I can see where he’s coming from, but I am resisting the guilt to write some thing of substance for a bit longer.  The initial goal is simply to write each day.  From what I know about myself, that’s the hardest part that I can overcome easily enough by simply writing each day.  Once comfortable there I can go tot he next level: demanding interesting content.

Monowheel: “It’s more of a top hat and cane than a ball cap and beer style thing.”  And, “To explain such a simple thing would [denigrate its elegance].” or, “A child could describe it; and adult wouldn’t understand.”  Something juxtaposing the obvious nature of the thing with the astounding complexity/precision.

The only other thing I’ve got for today is that “The River of Gods” seems to have ticked up following the arrival of ‘Lisa’.  Let’s hope it keeps moving along.