Day 9

I was looking forward to following up with one of the prompters I discovered below, but I am afraid I don’t have the time to do one justice.  However, doing one justice isn’t really the point, writing is.

Where are the playgrounds without the graffiti?  Compare some aspect of your life to something you’d see at a playground.  Write about your comparison.

Let’s say that writing is like a slippery-slide.  Let’s say it’s like the ladder part.  And let’s say that ladder is crowded with other kids wanting their ride.

I don’t have a problem standing in line, waiting my turn.  But I can see it’s going to be awhile.  And this one is not all that tall.  How much fun could the ride down really be?

Oh, look a swing just freed up!

Day 8

Welcome to the second week.

I have to admit to being bored by the content here thus far.  I am not surprised by it, just bored.  The initial challenge for me will be to come up with a suitable way to be inspired to produce less boring content.  Left to my own devices I would likely do no more than rant and rave about the life of a father of three daughters.  While this might be great for some and might eventually be good for me I don’t think that it would be a great place to start.

The internet is rife with writing motivators and prompts.  I find these trite.  Probably because I haven’t employed them to write more–at all.

I’m going to find three:

Interestingly this brief search landed me in portions of the internet I’ve not been to in a long time or ever.

Day 7

Kingfisher, Oklahoma is not such a great place to be today.

For some reason I wanted to revisit the Ailchas chapter involving the fight.  Make it more gritty.  Less elegant.  I am expecting to find it a wee be choreographed.  While Ailchas is a trained Swordsinger, he’s also a practical man.  Going for the knockdown, knockout, or kill as soon as possible.  Let’s see what we can do to get it that way.