Day 15

A greedy seer is lost in a claustrophobic library. Her neighbor is turned into a wolf by a rogue savage. With the help of a crafty barbarian, she must keep watch alone and in the darkness in order to save her way of life.

I get a kick out of these.

If you crank out more than one, you can see the pattern right away.  If you crank out ten you start to see the beginning of repetition.

None of them would ever be a good fantasy story–they’re too D&D.  Though if you were subtle and skilled writing a nearly good story could be possible.

Cattatay turned wriggled sideways through the musky tomes.  The long aisle was brighter ahead than behind and promised a better chance to get back to her desk quicker.  Books were just meant to be held and read, but the way these tripped up her walking and scraped at her face was too much.