Day 16

Cattatay turned wriggled sideways through the musky tomes.  The long aisle was brighter ahead than behind and promised a better chance to get back to her desk quicker.  Books were just meant to be held and read, but the way these tripped up her walking and scraped at her face was over much.

Managing her way to the end of the aisle she discovered the reason for the light and the seeming escape was a sliver of a window.  The window opened to an exterior wall more than to the outside and was opaqued with rain grime.  Cattatay slumped onto the bookshelf in defeat.

Not much good as a Seer she thought.  I’m not even in the ‘lyncanthropia’ section any longer.  “Is this even the right stack?”

Cattatay’s neighbor was a wolf now.  Originally he was a placid old man with nothing to do but hoe carrots and wait for his sons to visit at holiday.  People weren’t accidentally turned into wolves; it made no sense that Henree had been targeted by a Transformer.