Day 22

After speaking to Swope yesterday, I have decided that I will go ahead and fire up a blog for this daily writing effort. It will be private so that only the daring few that wish to read this crap can or will. And if it’s ever more than good then I could expose it to the outside world. No doubt, someone will be interested in reading my gradual upslope to stardom.

I made another attempt to get Habari up. And then failed over to Movable Type. Which I borked, but will unbork as soon as I am able.

On the same day I read an article on how to get your name off google then ran across a whole load of crap I’d like never to be found. I was up a greater portion of the morning than I expected worrying about this load. I’ve chalked it up to the sins of my youth mixed with a confusion over the traffic of two similar email lists–I was responded to both, but only one was archived.