Day 64: Nearly All of You

…are wondering why I went with that barely discernible reference to ‘Hamlet’  when something about ‘pelican daughters’ from ‘King Lear’ would have been better suited given the reference to kids.  I am sure in the intervening 936 posts that remain for this blog, I’ll be presented with better real world experiences to drag in some Lear.

Sometimes I trace my fingertips along the edge of a tabletop or over it’s surface.  I might even rest my palms on the cool aluminum legs, pressing slightly to increase the contact.  Almost never, but sometimes I get the sensation that I am connected to the object I am caressing.  As if my nerves extended into the table, or chair, or wall to include the foreign item in my perception.

Sigh.  That’s not going anywhere.  One more try…

Never mind.  Nothing creative this evening.  I think I’ll just go for another introspective piece.

All my stuff seems to in the the head lately.  If it hasn’t seemed that way to you then that because I haven’t put everything out here on the blog.

I am thinking that I need to do a few where someone walks down the street and turns a corner and walks a few more blocks then gets hit by a car.  Anything with action.  Might not even need to get hit by a car.  Maybe just keeps walking.

This brings the toll of things I want to do next, but haven’t done yet up to three: more words, something I can’t recall, and concrete prose.  The hat trick is going to be a bit harder since I can’t recall one of the three.  Place laughter here.  I will note along with these things that I do better with being creative in the morning as long as I can find the time.  Evenings I have more time but am just to worn out to perform well.  Lately there’s lots of football.

I sorted my three year’s worth of unread comics this afternoon.  I think I am as caught up as I will ever be and need to grab a stack and start reading.

Word count: 345