Day 65: I am not Dustin

First off if I haven’t already sent you there, go here and see my brother and Mitch do there thing. I don’t know what they mean by “You’re a Chinese dog,” but if any crazy line will sweep the nation soon, this one ought to.

I’ll freely admit that this is a dry spell of effort and focus more than one of creative content. I can’t promise that had I developed better productivity skills that you’d be reading the latest gem, but I can say you wouldn’t be reading this drivel. (if is gets better toward the end, I’ll circle back up here and make note [it turns out OK])

Ran across a blog touting 7 habits to develop to keep writing. Among others I’ve already worked on here to some degree was one I haven’t: copying. I think this is a great idea. Though it’s execution here in the cyberspace might be misconstrued as plagiarism. I don’t believe the author of the blog intended for it’s readers to be practicing this in public. He certainly didn’t intend theft, just copying. As I understand it, student artists do this all the time. It’s like a pro golfer wrapping his arms around yours and saying, “Here feel that swing?” Or whatever it is pro golfers say when the grab you from behind.

I am looking to do this.

Maybe post it here with a simplistic replacement encryption. Before I do that, I guess I’ll have to think on whether that will count as a regular entry or not. I suck at transcribing the written word since I can’t touch type. I can type pretty damn fast when there are words in my head, but I do piss poor when the words are elsewhere. For anguish alone I think I’d count the effort.

Either way I might be fun to trail the mind of another as she crafts her prose.

Been thinking on another technique I miss. One I recall succeeding with in high school. At least in regards to poetry. Creating images.

My Freshman English teacher was a big poetry fan. We wrote quite a bit of it in her class. The best way to describe her would be to mention that she was the kind of lady that had five pairs of different colored glasses. One to match each of her outfits. Outside of TV it’s the only time I’ve seen someone lose their glasses on top of their head.

It was simple: we’d flip through a book to a page and randomly as possible select a word. Flip to another page and pair the too words up. Write them down in a notebook. Seems like I could do that on the Internet. My suspicion is that the quality would be poor. You just can’t flip through the pages of the Internet the same way.

Maybe if I get the sideblog thing running I will use that for images. Hell, you might even see poetry out here. I wonder what kind I write now that I am not a love starved teen.

Word count: 503