Day 68: Menagerium Incipiam

I finally dug up my copy of “Robota” by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card. Throughout my considerations of “Bringer” that book came to mind nearly every time I tried to picture the main character. I’ve purposefully only skimmed through it now that I have found it to avoid plagiarism. Though I don’t mind the fleeting glimpse to become inspired.

Chiang’s work has inspired me to consider everyday things, but in different scales and in different proportions. Making some animal bigger isn’t all that unexpected, but making an animal bigger by making one of its parts bigger seems to be a good general place to start. So I am going to create a menagerie of sorts.

Nothing super fancy struck me, but I like the idea of a cat with a long tail.  A tail that’s twice or three times as long as tails normally are.  Could be for over-balance or maybe even prehensile.   Even stranger to think it might have been part of the process to domesticate cats.  Like there was a reason they were bred.