Day 69: Pre-PCP

I am anticipating a possible outage tomorrow during the 9th annual Pumpkin Carving Party.  I’ve got many things going on that will make it challenging to sit in front of the computer for any length of time.  Maybe I should set my alarm?

We’ve been planning for a party here.  Thus far I’ve bought $200 dollars worth of food and still have to cook it and buy beer.  I’ve half made a train costume for Halloween and need to get that done or be kicked out of “World’s Best Dad” club.  Cleaned the house .  Cleaned the office.  GOt the car in the garage.

I need to mow, sweep, and decide not to do a spiderweb this year–again.  Probably ought to shave.  I need to wrap presents for the birthday party the next day and maybe I have to get a card, but she’s one so I am not sure on the protocol there.

Hopefully, today will wrap up nicely at work and I’ll be done by mid-afternoon.