Day 108: Snow Day in OK

This is one of those posts where I talk to myself.  Their always a chance I’ll end up saying something interesting, but if you have better things to do with your day than take chances on me I’d advise you step off here.

If you’re a regular of 1000 Days you’ll have noticed that I do short things.  I’ll call them things for now since they aren’t really scenes because even those have beginnings, middles, and ends.  I like to think that my things nearly have those, but its not what I am shooting for so they don’t always.  It’s still about the habit and the free-writing.  I like the variety of what I do.  I feel like I accomplish a few core things in the short time I spend with the few words I conjure up, but I don’t plot.

I would like to plot.

I know that one thing comes after another and that sometimes the second grows from the first.  Then there is a third thing and a fourth.  The last thing can wrap it all up or tear it all down.  It’s good when it’s planned and better when it doesn’t look like it was.

The reason I can’t get A to come after B is because I don’t think that way.  I don’t recognize cause and effect on that scale.  I know things like I drop a glass that glass will break, but I don’t know that in bending over to clean up the mess I’ll slip in the scotch, cut myself on a shard, have to go tot he hospital and end up saving the world from nuclear war with the cute nurse I hook up with while getting sutures.  I wait for the next thing to happen I don’t anticipate what that thing will be.

I am thinking I might try my hand at summarizing plots I’ve read.  Maybe if I recite the work of others, I’ll be able to get a feel for it myself.

Word count: pending

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