Day 109: My First Three Plot Summaries

One of the joys of being me is that I have a terrible memory for reading. I know I’ve read something and I have no trouble locating a spot in a book without a bookmark, but I can’t always relate the details of a book as well as others. I enjoy rereading books.

I say this as a prelude to the plot summaries to follow. Please don’t grade me on my accuracy or depth. I am shooting for relating a summarized plot, not for a job at Cliffs Notes.

20071210 Journeyman (don’t judge)

While Katie is getting ready for a big family Christmas party Dan is whisked back in time to the paper’s 1974? Christmas party. There he divides his time between talking to his young dad and trying to save the paper’s owner (Dad Paper) from being killed mysteriously. Dan and ?woman? duke it out with the son of the owner (Son Paper) and are sent back to their respective times. Dan solicits police information from his brother regarding the night of the mysterious death of Dad Paper and returns to 1974 to be escorted by security out of the building for fighting. Dad Paper puts a halt to this, embarrassing Son Paper in the process. Eventually Dan and ?woman? discover Dad Paper dead and Son Paper drunk. Dan returns to his time to black mail grown-up Son Paper into giving him his job back.

Snow Crash

Hiro the Pizza Guy gets bailed out by tween YT in a delivery gone amuck. Hiro the Metaverse Forefather is exposed to at least three threads of a plot about to unfold regarding the future of the Metaverse and most people on the planet. Great exposition ensues. Repetitive and dull exposition continues. All the players meet back up on the Ark. In a combination of RL and VR fighting Hiro and YT subdue the Bad Guy’s Henchman then the Bad Guy gets taken out too.

Watership Down

Some rabbits do some stuff.

See what I mean by not remembering well? This might not have been the best exercise since it does dual time pointing out how bad my memory is and what I watch and read.

Word count: 365