Day 110: The Texting of Arthur Brandt

I enjoyed this world builder’s perspective on survival in alternate universes:

Let’s give that plotting thing another chance…

MC witnesses a murder. Rather than report the crime MC rationalizes nothing could have been done and that what’s done IS done. The ghost begins to haunt the MC through the written text of books, billboards, signs and other printed materials. The MC’s guilt is high enough that the ghost easily convinces the MC that the only way to get rid of the ghost is to avenge the murder. Using clues left by the ghost the MC locates the murderer and has him arrested.

That makes me laugh. It should make you laugh too. I was just going for cause and effect and conclusion. Not quality. I like the haunting via printed material idea though.

Young MC rescued after four hours under icy water develops ‘remote viewing’. MC struggles to convince parents and other authorities of the veracity of MCs abilities. When MC uncovers a plot to rob the only bank in town and subsequently decimate the small town the MC determines to foil the plot alone. With the help of the MC’s blind grandparent the would be criminals are defeated.

This is a tough as I thought. Can’t get better at that by not doing it some more. But not tonight.

Word count: 230