Channeling Rowling

“Thus far this semester we’ve focused on magic as it applies to an individual.  Starting with various incandescents and aurals.  Then blessings, charms, and something else.  And finally, last week, with shields.  For the remainder of the course we’ll be looking at group magic.”  The room thrummed with excited talk.  The course catalog abstract promised an introduction to group magic.  The instructor’s syllabus scheduled it for the second Monday of November–today.  And the assigned reading from this past Friday explored the historical aspects if not the practical application.  It wasn’t a surprise, yet friends raised eyebrows and excited faces to friends, acquaintances turned to each other to nod, and the loner in the back said…

“Sweet.  This class rocks.”

“Thank-you Mr. Samuels.  It is sweet.  And this class does, indeed, rock.”  While the easy laughter died down.  Prof. Nonchal arranged a number of objects in a row on his demonstration table.

“Miss Callendill.  Would you please?”  He beckoned the smallish blonde girl to come forward.  While she stowed her notebook and pen he clipped the [magicometer sensor] to his lapel and flipped it on.  It boomed an almost physical tremor through the class and then self-adjusted to inaudibility.  All eyes went to the overhead display to make sure it calibrated to neutral.

“Good?”  Prof. Nonchal waited for a reply, “Good?”  Nods and other positive responses came.  “Thank-you.  I’ll run a quick baseline.”

The [magicometer] spiked and faded to a flatline when the professor light a candle.  It wavered sinusoidally when he made a golf ball spin.

Word count: 253
Day 196