You Promised Me 1000 Days

Technically I promised me 1000 days and you’re just along for the ride, but you’re right to be somewhat disappointed. I did ask for encouragement.

I read blogs that post daily and sub-daily (multi-daily?)– more than once a day. I suspect that these folks do so as sort of a mass email to all comers. A few hundred on the tornado last night, a paragraph or two on politics, a follow up to a follow up on SXSW, or just more pictures of their kids. I could do that but I’m not interesting enough for anyone to care (certainly not more than once a day). That’s why I invent the interesting stuff. I suck a little at that too.

Anyhow, I am re-turning over a new leaf again once more. Expect big…expect things.

This one doesn’t count.

2 Replies to “You Promised Me 1000 Days”

  1. You know, writing about not writing isn’t really writing. I couldn’t do what you are trying to do. Keep up the good work.

  2. My requirements for acceptance as proof of writing are quite low (check anything from a Sunday during football season).

    I pre-denied this one though.

    Thanks for the encouragement Fred see you in a few weeks.

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